4 Best New York Fintech Companies

Fintech Companies in New Yorks

New York City is one of the world’s premier tech innovation hubs, providing startups access to an abundance of financial expertise and mentorship from veterans that helps fintech companies navigate regulatory complexities with ease.

Alloy helps banks expedite digital onboarding by connecting identity decisioning with compliance data sources. Meanwhile, EasyKnock allows homeowners to unlock equity in their homes via sell-leaseback programs.


Pagaya utilizes artificial intelligence and modern infrastructure to disrupt the credit market. Their proprietary API seamlessly integrates into their network of partners for an exceptional user experience and greater access to credit. Their data platform and advanced AI approach help lenders efficiently evaluate credit applications while saving them money on credit evaluation and risk management expenses.

This financing facility will enable the company to expand its AI-driven technology and offer more lending products for consumers. Current partnerships cover personal loans, auto loans, single-family residence loans, credit cards and point of sale financing (POS). Going forward, plans call for entering new markets such as home equity lines of credit and student loans.

Additionally, the company’s latest quarterly results highlighted strong growth in revenues and adjusted EBITDA, thanks largely to a substantial contribution from payments business and an expansion in loan portfolio.

Pagaya was established in 2016 with offices in both New York and Tel Aviv. The founders are Gal Krubiner, Avital Pardo and Yahav Yulzari; funding comes from BlackRock Private Equity Group as well as Israel Discount Bank of New York UBS O’Connor Chase JP Morgan Chase; it currently stands at $8 billion and trades on the NASDAQ exchange.

4 Best New York Fintech Companies (1)
4 Best New York Fintech Companies (1)

Petal Fintech Company

Petal, based out of New York, provides credit cards to people with thin or no credit histories. Utilizing various techniques including cash flow underwriting to determine whether an applicant can manage his/her money responsibly, it also offers mobile applications that help consumers manage their credit better while reporting back to major bureaus to build scores and score enhancement.

Recently, this Fintech Company has been raising significant sums of money, with Jefferies contributing $300 million this week, bringing its total financing amount to $752 million and providing them with enough capital to expand and create new products as well as compete against banks that may otherwise shy away from offering credit cards to underserved consumers.

Petal will use its new funding not only to expand its product line but also to strengthen and grow their technology team. According to Jason Rosen, Petal can disrupt how creditworthiness is evaluated: their model developed with Prism Data works across personal loans, Buy-Now-Pay-Later loans mortgages and auto loans – something Rosen says has changed.

Empower Finance, a fintech company offering consumer credit and financial products to underserved communities, has announced it will acquire Petal and complete its acquisition of Cashalo to form one of the U.S.’ premier consumer credit and Fintech Companies providers.


SeedInvest not only offers Fintech Companies help raising capital, but they can also integrate various systems. While this may take more time, SeedInvest staff are experienced with integrations and can offer assistance and advice. Furthermore, the team are always enjoyable to work with as they take an interest in each fundraising campaign listed on their platform.

SeedInvest requires startups that wish to fundraise through it to be legally registered in the US and employ at least two full-time employees, with its rigorous vetting process accepting approximately 1% of applicants into its program. Furthermore, SeedInvest charges fees that may exceed those charged by some competitors.

SeedInvest offers various investment types, such as equity and SAFEs (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). Most offerings fall under regulated crowdfunding (Reg CF), while some utilize special-purpose entities (SPE). It’s essential that investors conduct their own due diligence when investing, since startups may make it hard to understand exactly what’s going on within them.

SeedInvest’s CEO and co-founder, Ryan Feit, knows that crowdfunding platforms provide the ideal way to connect investors with startups. He brings extensive finance and entrepreneurship experience, as he was instrumental in passing the 2012 JOBS Act which eased antiquated securities regulations that prevented entrepreneurs from raising capital online for their businesses. Prior to that he worked at Lehman Brothers and Wellspring Capital Management both located in New York.

Clear Street Fintech Company

Clear Street, based out of New York, is an innovative Fintech Companies firm creating modern infrastructure to increase access to capital markets. Their cloud-native platform aims to replace outdated technology currently operating across global markets; their system processes over $3 billion of trading volume daily while accommodating various client types including market makers, professional traders and fintechs.

Clear Street began as a prime brokerage platform but has grown into providing execution, financing, clearing and custody services for U.S. equities, options and fixed income securities. Futures will soon be added, along with plans to expand into Europe and Asia as well. Sachin Kumar from Clear Street told Trader Magazine that eventually BASIS will link with all futures exchanges worldwide.

Prysm Capital led its second tranche of Series B funding with $270 million at a valuation of $2 billion, providing the Fintech Companies with access to resources for expansion as well as creating partnerships.

Clear Street enjoys strong traction, a business model that allows it to capture its fair share of value creation, and features that should make its operations defensible as it expands. Yet there are several risks which must be managed if Clear Street wants to remain successful.

4 Best New York Fintech Companies

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