Best New York Fintech Startups

New York is widely known as the financial capital of the world and as such is home to numerous innovative fintech startups that are revolutionizing how people manage their finances.

January is an innovative fintech startups that simplifies debt collection using data-driven approaches to reach mutually beneficial agreements between borrowers and creditors.

Current Fintech Startups

New York is widely considered to be a global financial capital, yet has recently emerged as an innovative hub for fintech startups. From helping people invest in unique collectibles to providing more accessible banking and investment services, these innovative companies are revolutionizing how we live our lives.

Key factors behind NYC’s rapid expansion have been its robust infrastructure and supportive community. Examples include Rise by Barclays that provides workspace, mentoring, and connections for fintech startups; or NYCxFintech which brings innovators and investors from around the globe together for networking events.

Other notable NYC-based fintech startups include Pearl, which helps primary care providers prioritize treatment for patients most likely to require immediate assistance; and Stuf, which offers homeowners a way to unlock equity without traditional lenders’ restrictions. Other notable NYC fintechs include DailyPay, EasyKnock Vestwell Salt Labs Capchase.

Even as global fintech funding declines, New York remains a vital player in the growing ecosystem. As proof, over 1,500 active fintech companies and 35 unicorns reside here; New York also accounts for an extensive share of US venture capital investments.


Pagaya is a fintech startups that leverages technology to responsibly increase access to credit, meeting everyday goals and ambitions of a broad array of consumers. Oak HC/FT and Viola Ventures are its investors while its team maintains offices both in New York and Israel.

According to its statement, this company offers an AI network which helps reduce lender risk and enhance financial outcomes of their customers. Furthermore, centralized enabling technology provides automation and scale capabilities so partners can deliver more products to a wider audience.

At this juncture in consumer finance, winners and losers are being determined by a combination of lending experience, tech adoption, adaptability and sheer grit. As such, competition among companies has never been fiercer.

Pagaya engaged us to design a revamped website that clearly communicates their value proposition to lenders and thought leaders quickly, while making it easy for interested prospects to contact Pagaya quickly. This site features simple navigation and purposeful messaging which enable lenders and thought leaders quickly understand how Pagaya’s specialized data solutions can increase loan approvals quickly, and make getting in touch easy for interested prospects.


Petal is a credit card startup that utilizes alternative data to provide its customers with responsible and modern financial services. Their technology underwrites credit cards for those with thin or no credit histories, rewarding members for on-time payments with higher limits as a reward. Furthermore, this company offers mobile-first experience as well as free credit scores via its website.

Even with its promising financial model, recent high interest rates have caused its cost of capital to skyrocket and hindered cash flow. Now the company is seeking buyers, and Goldman Sachs has been hired to advise it through this process.

Petal recently secured more than $35 million in funding this year and recently spun off its B2B data infrastructure and analytics subsidiary Prism Data to focus on selling cash flow underwriting software to other lenders and fintechs. This model can also be applied to personal, Buy-Now-Pay-Later loans and mortgages while helping assess small business creditworthiness.


Titan provides an operating system for active investment management, powering products and experiences for retail investors. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Y Combinator, BoxGroup and Sound Ventures as well as professional athletes such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Kevin Durant among others, the platform serves retail investors worldwide.

New York City is one of the leading fintech hubs, boasting numerous startups that are using technology to revolutionize financial services for both individuals and businesses. These fintechs use their technological solutions to simplify and enhance delivery of wealth management services for individuals and companies alike.

BillGuard is one of the most promising NYC fintech startups, offering consumers tools to identify fraudulent credit card charges and track online spending. Additionally, this company provides customers with a mobile app for scanning receipts and checking bank balances. BillGuard has raised over $170 million from investors such as IA Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Founders Fund and currently holds an estimated valuation of over $800 million. Investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements that reflect only current conditions at the date they were issued; these statements could contain risks or uncertainties detailed by filings made with SEC by BillGuard or its other filings with investors.

Bond Street

As one of the world’s premier technology development centers, NYC is an attractive environment for fintech startups to launch their businesses. It offers strong economic incentives, access to finance options and excellent technical infrastructure; furthermore it boasts many fintech incubators as well as an expansive local talent pool; however this also makes NYC an extremely competitive environment for such ventures.

Current is one of the city’s leading fintech startups, offering features such as direct deposit and instant transfers via its mobile banking app. It has attracted substantial funding from Jefferies and Spark Capital investors as well as offering financial services like cash back debit cards and goal-oriented savings to consumers.

Bond Street is home to more than just tech workers; it also plays host to an eclectic assortment of small businesses ranging from hair braiders and quick printers, 99 cent pizza joints and furniture stores that don’t do credit checks. Though not likely to draw in Instagram hashtags, Bond Street provides an authentic New York experience.

Best New York Fintech Startups

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